Enter the ultimate All You Can Eat Sushi eating competition this November and become the first ever Asami’s Sushi Eating Champion.


Enter the November Sushi Eating Competition by completing the below entry form

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Which store would you like to participate at?
Why are you the best sushi eating competitor?


How It Works

  1. Enter by completing the above entry form
  2. The below Asami’s store will host it’s own competition on the below dates. 2 winners from each store will go through to the finale that will be hosted at Asami’s Tygervalley. 
  3. The winner at each round robin(Stores below) will win free Sushi for a month. The winner at the Tygervalley finale will win free sushi for a year. 
  4. There is only a limited amount of entries that will be selected to participate in the competition (10 per store). There will be a random draw from the entries to see who will be the final enterents to compete in the November Sushi Eat Off Competition in store. Your  reason why in the entry form will also be considered when selecting the enterents.  
  5. Each store will do a live draw on social media. So keep a eye out for that on our social media accounts.
  6. You may enter at more than one store for the draw, but will only be able to partake in the competition at one store.


Store Competition Dates

Asami’s Cape Gate Lifestyle : 8 November 2019  :  Time: 18:30

Asami’s Somerset West : 12 November 2019  :  Time: 18:30

Asami’s Stellenbosch : 14 November 2019  :  Time: 18:30

Asami’s Cobble Walk : 19 November 2019  :  Time 18:30

Asami’s Rondebosch : 22 November 2019  :  Time: 18:30

Finale at Asami’s Tygervalley : 26 November 2019 : Time 18:30